Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There is Always Beauty

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But sometimes you just have to look for it a little harder than usual and lately I've been doing a lot of that. Today with the politics, the economy, the price of gasoline, food, the anger you see everywhere, the rather sad state of the world in general, it seems to me that it is all the more important for us to find and hold on to the precious things around us -- family and friends and the beauty that is everywhere. Those are the things that are important and recognizing that can make all the difference in our daily lives.

I was going to write tonight about John McCain likening himself to Teddy Roosevelt and that is such a crock, Teddy Roosevelt could have easily been more like a Democrat than John McCain could be like him. And, as you can see, my hackles are already up in spite of all those soothing words I was using in the last paragraph! So, when it comes out, check out Douglas Brinkley's biography, "The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America". According to Mr. Brinkley, Roosevelt would be on the left side of politics were he here today. So much for John McCain!

As for me, I'm going in search of some of that beauty I was describing at the beginning of this post. Tomorrow I'm taking a day trip to a place called Northwest Trek. It is a 435 acre wild life preserve and there is a bus load of us going. Once there, we'll get on a tram that will take us all around the preserve and we will have lunch there as well. I know it will be easy to see and experience the beauty and I can't wait! Hopefully, tomorrow night I won't have to struggle to find beautiful things to write about. To see some for yourself, check out their website at http://www.nwtrek.org/


Judy said...

This sounds like a wonderful trip and a place to take lots of great pictures for your blog. We will wait to hear all about it.

Rain said...

It sounds like a great place to visit and I will look forward to seeing the photos. Being cooler should be better for seeing more activity from the animals. I hope the rain is over up there.

I think we have to find a balance between caring and caring too much. It's hard right now but beauty is a big help in staying positive.

TropiGal said...

I loved the moon photograph that accompanies the post about "always beauty." As for politics -- don't get me started.