Sunday, August 3, 2008

Company's Coming!

Even if I didn’t know that we are having company from out of town tomorrow, I would have known something was up because my son probably put in twelve hours a day for the past two weekends working in the yard. Practically everything grows in the northwest but it’s the dandelions that can drive you nuts. They look so delicate and pretty – even if they are a weed – but they are undoubtedly the most tenacious plants around. We’ve used the “weed-be-gone” route, but it only works on the youngest and smallest. Finally, this morning Adam got out the shovel and began to dig them out. One had a root over eighteen inches long!

Last week he planted Irish moss around the stone steps in the back yard and among the rocks of an embankment separating the front yard from the sidewalk. It’s amazing how quickly it grows and spreads and what a rich green it is, with miniscule white blossoms so small you could miss them if you don’t look closely.

But two weekends devoted to mowing, edging, watering and planting has produced a lovely view whether from the street or the picture window in the living room. Between Adam and five of our other neighbors we have enough equipment to set up a lawn care company, but they all put it to good use and I am enjoying the view, whether from the front porch or the deck across the back of the house. What’s even more fun is seeing the proud smile on a tired face.

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Judy said...

I have dandelions in my yard, too, but I have never seen one with roots that long. It has been in the high 90s here and the yard is not growing much right now. We are supposed to get some much needed rain Wed.and Thurs. I hope so. Enjoy your company and have a great week.