Monday, August 25, 2008

All I Can Say is WOW!

I just watched first Ted Kennedy and then Michelle Obama speak at the Democratic Convention and I feel such an intense sense of pride, of compassion, of hope and of excitement -- more than I have felt in many years where the politics of this country are concerned, of course, but also for the hopes and the dreams that many of us have for the future. The future of not only our country, but our families, our children and grandchildren. Over the past fifteen years or so, but particularly the past eight, I had pretty much lost faith in our government. I've wondered where we were headed and I didn't like the prospects as I saw them. It still isn't a given that even an Obama administration can put us back on track, but at least I can see that glimmer of hope, that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

I think that tonight I shall sleep very well.


clairz said...

Sylvia, I feel the same way. I listened to both speeches with a big box of kleenex, now considerable diminished.

Nancy Pelosi's speech--not so much. Her listing of what Congress has accomplished was almost piddling, given what has been going on in our country during the last 8 years. Time for change, indeed.

Margie's Musings said...

I feel the same way, Sylvia. I have almost given up on government. They usually talk a good talk but that's all there is to it. McCain would be exactly the same way. He is not bright enough to stave off the greedy ones who will want to run the government for him, wanting to give tax breaks to the incredibly wealthy who would never miss it anyhow....just exactly like Bush.

I have hope that Obama would be different but also apprehension that he will not win. The polls are so close. Just a little monkey business at the polls in November, like Florida in 2000, could wipe out his chances.

bobbie said...

I agree with both commenters above. I am so grateful for the hope that Obama has brought us. But feel such apprehension as well. And this morning we hear there has already been someone out there trying to kill him. I'm certain there will be more.