Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I’m Alive!

As I was listening to the news on MSNBC this morning to catch up on what was happening around the country and the world, I felt the gloomy old shadow approaching. Then for whatever unexplainable reason, I suddenly remembered an old Neil Diamond song, I’m Alive and I could hear portions of the lyrics in my mind – “don’t care much for the words of gloom, everyday a brand new baby’s born, there’s a sun to keep you warm, take all that life has to give”.

I looked out the window over my desk and saw powder puff clouds moving gently across the sky and sure enough, there was the sun to keep me warm and brighten the day. I have done more than my share of listening to words of gloom and doom and even writing some of my own, but more and more I’m coming to realize that it is our own responsibility to seek and to find the sunshine in our lives – and it is there, some days you just have to look a little harder. The clouds will always come and go, and you can hang on to them as long as you want, but if you’re sick and tired of the gray as I was, you can always push it away. And we all have the capability to do just that and find the sunshine in our own lives; find all that life has to give. The question is, do we have not just the desire, but the motivation to move out of “Mopeyville”?

I took another look outside, turned off the TV and made my decision -- at least for today. I'm going to take all that life has to give.


Linda Hillin said...

Good post for today. I agree 100%. I refuse to let the news keep me in the dumps about our country. I have great hopes for the future. I, like you, have made the choice to push that negative stuff out of my mind. Think positive! Again, a good post.

Judy said...

Great post Sylvia. Good for you. We finally got some much needed rain and it is supposed to cool off and be wonderful weather over the weekend. I finished all the things I needed to do today and am going to get out and enjoy the weekend.

Rain said...

I think we have to do what we can to impact the world but then realize the main impact we have is on those near to us. Like that bumper stickers says-- think globally; act locally.