Friday, August 8, 2008

First Race of the 21st Century

I am posting this for a friend who didn't want to do it on her own blog for fear of upsetting her family. Fortunately, I don't have that problem and I do agree with her.

Campaign 2008, the election historians will study and write about for years to come. Hillary Clinton and John McCain running the last races of the 20th century. Barack Obama running the first race of the 21st century.

In elections past, the unions marched their people to the polls to vote for the Democrat ticket.

Today the religious right marches people to the polls to vote for the Republican ticket.

I'm fascinated with how people make their decisions about voting. When I was working I never had time to think about all this.

A young woman voted for Hillary in the primaries but will support Obama in the national election. She is a young professional woman working her way up the ladder in her field. I can understand her wanting to see a woman break the glass ceiling. She is not an angry woman.

A couple voted for Hillary in the primaries. She is from Hope, Arkansas, the same as Bill Clinton. They liked the Clintons when he was in office.

Others voted for Hillary because they liked Clinton's economic policies. They lost a business under Reaganomics.

A friend voted for Hillary and her husband voted for Obama. She won't talk about Obama; still holding out for Hillary.

Long time friends are voting for John McCain. I don't have a problem with them voting for McCain. I do have a problem with them sending out the evil email about Obama. I wanted to confront them on that one, but my husband and children said no, to "consider the source and let it go." I'm yielding to the majority opinion on this one, but I'm having a hard time letting it go. Grrrrrr

I wonder how many lives that evil email has? Every time you think it's forgotten someone breathes new life into it and here we go again. It's like shaking feathers out of a feather pillow from an airplane window. Truth never seems to get off the ground; just sits there like a rock.

Another man says he's putting his country ahead of party this election and voting for John McCain and made his choice for the following reasons.

He doesn't like Muslims.

A Muslim is not running for office.

Obama will divide Jerusalem, and the Bible says you cannot do that.

I've never read that in the Bible.

We're living in the end times.

We've been doing that for all the 66 years of my life, and I'm sure a lot longer than that. False teachings seem to develop a life of their own and live forever.

Obama will raise taxes.

Everybody wants to enjoy the services of government, and low taxes. People only want services cut that they personally don't use.

A vote is a precious thing and many good candidates are not elected because Americans fail to vote. I want every American to vote, but I want them to be informed voters. How can we accomplish that goal?


Judy said...

Hi Sylvia, It drives me crazy when people do not vote and go around talking about the candidates. My own sister voted for the first time in her life last year and she is 60! I had harped and harped until I finally got her to go register and read about the election. Now, she is glad she has a voice! I worked for state government off and on since I was 18 so I am usually into politics and try to keep up to date on all the issues and candidates and made sure my children registered as soon as they were old enough to vote as I did. Sometimes I do get sick of all the mud slinging. Good post!

Sister--Three said...

The thing that gets me (I am teacher so I do work with educated folks)...they will say I am voting for so and so because he is against abortion. I want to say "are you having one"? I am against abortion, but in politics we need to look at what is real and what will affect us...I do believe some politicians want to draw our focus from what is happening to lofty things like " ban abortion".

I am voting for Obama but would have rather had Hillary. My husband is so mad that Hillary is not going to be the candidate that I don't think he is going to vote.

Margie's Musings said...

Obama only intends to raise taxes on those who make over $200,000 a year. And he only intends to reinstate the tax breaks Bush rescinded. Those who make that kind of money and the very rich will never miss that money.

Multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires have so much money they could not spend it in two lifetimes.