Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Leaving a Footprint Behind

“This blog is about leaving my footprint behind when I go. It's also about finding out who I am now, even if it's a different person each day. It's about thinking, feeling, learning and changing - and about laughing too, I hope; and it's about filling my life with new people and making each new day interesting.”

I found this statement about blogging as I was surfing around one afternoon and I copied it down, wishing I had written it myself because it said so perfectly how I feel about blogging. Then the doorbell rang, I hit the wrong key and promptly lost my connection and by the time I returned to my computer I was unable to return to the blog where I had found it – the big frustration of the day.

I am not claiming in any way that these are my words, but they did make me think about what it’s like to be able to leave that “footprint” behind – so much better than a diary because this is shared with other people. It’s a way for me to leave a kind of legacy to my children. It has become, for me, a new way to learn about myself, to explore places within me that I would have been afraid to see in earlier stages of my life. It has helped me realize that in many ways I am a different person each day. I am learning more each day, not only about myself, but about others and how we interact, how we manage to touch those similar strings in the instruments of our lives and enjoy the music that we create together. And it is about laughter, joy, being able to see the beauty in our world, as well as in the those who inhabit our world, those that add to our joy and our laughter.

It offers each of us the opportunity to reach out, to meet others, to exchange thoughts and ideas and laughter. It helps us to see our many similarities with others and as well as helping to define our differences with others, but whatever, we never come away empty handed.

So, to whoever wrote this, I say thank you. You have helped me to define the pleasure and excitement and the sense of fulfillment that blogging has brought into my life. And I’m also glad that it has come to me at this stage of life as I have such a rich tapestry to explore and to enjoy.


Linda Hillin said...

This is a wonderful post. I like the part about finding yourself a new person everyday. That's really how it works. I like that idea.

clairz said...

Here you go: http://judithtaylor.blogspot.com/

Judith said...

Thankyou for writing to me Sylvia, and thankyou Clairz for putting her back on to me. It is so good when you find something on another blog that reaches straight into your heart, and I am glad I have done it for you.

I hope more of your readers will read Clairz's comment and find their way to me too.

Margie's Musings said...

You write a very interesting blog, Judith. I enjoy reading your political views. I recommend sansego for political views too.

Judy said...

Hi Sylvia, Thanks for the great comment about Thomas Wyatt. I think we are all different people at different times. I know I am. I love blogging and staying in touch with my friends online. It makes my day!