Saturday, September 20, 2008

An add on to "A Giggle"

After my trip yesterday I had one question to add to my earlier post of Giggles.

Where but on a senior trip would they take you on a tour of the cemetery?

That's what they did yesterday on our return trip from the Black Diamond Coal Mine Museum and everyone of those old gals (47 - not counting me and my friend) were all but hanging out the window and even asked if we could stop and look around! But our guide told us we didn't have time, thank goodness! I figured most of them will be there soon enough anyway.

I like to browse them on my own looking for the really old gravestones and the stories they tell. I visited one in Savannah, GA that was fascinating.

As for me, I've told my kids to cremate me and scatter my ashes somewhere that I can grow something besides trouble.


Linda said...

This is a a great post. I'm like you, I enjoy strolling through old cemeteries but I don't want the folks running the cemetery to think I'm part of a busload of old people coming to take up residence there.

Check my post for today. I've got quite a discussion going on. It's fun.

Dogwalkmusings said...

I love visiting "boot hill" in Deer Lodge. That's my husbands home town in Montana and the portion of the town cemetery relegated to prisoners from the penitentiary who were not claimed.

Dogwalkmusings said...

ANother favorite is St. John's in the WIlderness in Flat Rock N.C. The setting is perfect and I always found the section for slaves fascinating.

Now how did you get me off on this! Lol!!

bobbie said...

Another point we have in common. I want immediate and direct cremation. No one coming to stare at me when I'm not even there. Let me grow some flowers instead.

Margie's Musings said...

I too want to be cremated but I was told if they scattered my ashes on the roses, the roses would die. I wonder if that is true?

Rain said...

I also want to be cremated and not kept in any urn either! *s*