Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wake Up Call Maybe?

You really think it could be that? Well, if not read it and weep -- if you aren’t already weeping as a result of the past few days. How about this headline for today?

Bush seeks $700 billion for bailout

The Bush administration is asking Congress to let the government buy $700 billion in bad mortgages as part of the largest financial bailout since the Great Depression.”

What more does it take to get those “Hoosiers for a hot chick” Republicans, “skin color” skeptics and just plain “head in the sand” numb skulls to wake up? No, there are no roses or coffee to smell, just the sound of our country on the skids.

We so desperately need new leadership, not more of the same or maybe even worse. We need a new outlook, a new approach, new plans to get us out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves into – I say we because in spite of all the warnings over the past eight years, we have let this happen. We need to bring jobs back to our country, we need to rebuild our infrastructure, mend our roads and bridges, upgrade our schools and our hospitals and health care.

I’m certainly not smart enough to have any answers, but I do believe Obama has many of those answers and he’s also smart enough to find the right people who have the answers when he doesn’t and the courage to admit when he needs help.

No more of this delusional notion of McCain’s that the “fundamentals of the economy are strong”. Hello! does he even know what the fundametals are? If the economy isn’t his forte, do you really believe that it’s Palin’s forte? Wake up, people! Wake up before it’s too late!

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Judy said...

So very true. I hope when November comes people will vote for the man who will bring definitely bring us change and that is not McCain. I don't think he knows anything about the economy. He keeps making the stupid statements then has to retract them.