Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Comments Concerning Palin

I have a very dear friend here in Seattle who follows politics even more closely, I think, than I do and her son had received this from a friend. I'm passing it on because it jibes with what I've read and posted earlier. You can each judge for yourselves, but someone needs to put the spotlight on this woman if you care anything at all about this country.

Her son's friend wrote this:
"Obviously this is very opinionated and slanted towards environmentalism, but it's mostly true. I have mixed feelings over her being governor, let along VP. She was mayor of Wasilla for 6 years, never served any time as a State Representative and has extremely limited experience. She has been pretty popular so far as governor of AK, but to be honest, the last guy was despised so much (he didn't even win his party nomination in the primaries when he ran for a second term), she couldn't go wrong. She's not well like in Juneau because she's blatantly snubbed the town in favor of Anchorage/Wasilla and is on record saying she supports the idea of a Capitol move (that's dirty talk in this town). She made a big show about "settling in" to Juneau the first few months, but then rumors leaked out about her kids attending school back in Wasilla (after only a 1/2 year down here). She only admitted it after being pressed for details. Every time she's in the news, it's always from her Anchorage office. The Governor's Mansion here in town has basically been vacant for over a year now. She has also openly supported moving certain cabinet-level positions out of town and allowing the employees to work out of Anchorage, even though the State Office Building is here in Juneau. She didn't impress anyone by keeping her pregnancy a secret until she was 7 months along either. Not an easy thing to do, but she did it. However, not many people appreciate being kept in the dark and have mixed feelings over how effective she'll be as our governor now that she has an infant to care for. It's a double-edged sword because she wants everyone to believe she can multi-task, blah, blah, blah, but the reality is, at this level of government and responsibility, there's no time to be a quality mother of five (one of them being only months old) and be a top-notch governor. It just doesn't work that way and everyone knows it, despite what she'd have the country believe. She's either letting the population of Alaska down or her own kids. Most people think it was just poor judgement to have another kid less than halfway into her term. Ardent Palin fans were simply disgusted by this, wondering just what she's trying to prove.
With the recent allegations of abuse of power (regarding the whole incident of her firing a state employee because he refused to fire a State Trooper she didn't like) and her daughter getting pregnant, her reputation for being squeeky clean is being tarnished. She makes a big deal about her oldest child going into the military and serving his country. What she doesn't tell you is that he was given a choice by an Anchorage judge last year of either joining the military or serving a light sentence for being a repeat offender (not positive what the crime was). That was a no-brainer, but it makes people a little irritated when she puts such a spin on his "choice to defend our country". However, I was generally happy with Palin as our governor and appreciated how hard she seemed to work. She's not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dive in, but that only gets you so far, especially considering her lack of experience. Things have been steadily unravelling for her over the last year and becoming McCain's running mate is basically the final straw. She has her own interests in mind and it's not the people of Alaska, it's definitely not the environment, and, unfortunately for her family, it's not her kids. Just ask her daughter Bristol or her son who now finds himself being shipped out to Iraq because he wasn't too keen on jail time. You can't cram 10lbs into a 5lb sack and expect it to hold. "

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Rain said...

That was interesting. I suspect a lot on the right have made up their minds and are putting their fingers in their ears now to not hear anything that contradicts what they want to see or hear