Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Look at “Unqualified”!

Just what is it about the word "unqualified" that so many people in this country just don’t seem to understand these days? You know, unqualified as in SARAH PALIN???

We’re all so focused on the financial mess that the Bushies have helped get us into that we’re really not paying enough attention to the cloud of disaster waiting to happen if John McCain wins the election with “moose meat” as his VP. And I say “helped”, because we have turned a blind eye to so much of what has been happening in this country since Bush shoved his way into the White House. And now we need to wake up, stand up, and take our country back.

We have all seen in the past that a vice president must be ready to step into the oval office on a moment’s notice. There is no indication whatsoever that Palin is anywhere near ready to assume the monumental challenge of the highest office in our country.

No matter how much the Republicans may try to shield her from the media, she is, has been and will be a total embarrassment in interviews and that’s the least of their worries and should be the least of ours as well. To quote an article by Bob Herbert in a New York Times Op-Ed article, “The idea that the voters of the United States might install someone in the vice president’s office who is too unprepared or too intellectually insecure to appear on, say, “Meet the Press” or “Face the Nation” is mindboggling.” And I couldn’t agree more “that this could actually be funny if it were part of a Monty Python sketch.”

Palin’s interview with Katie Couric was a total disaster as she continued to tout her being able to see Russia from Alaska as all the experience she needs to fill the role of vice president. The press does indeed have an obligation to hammer away at Palin’s qualifications – to be sure not enough Americans seem to be questioning them.

I most certainly do not want to see John McCain win this election, but if, as in my nightmares, he does, he’d truly better find a replacement for Sarah Palin on his ticket.


Dogwalkmusings said...

My aren't we the early birds this morning!

I agree with you completely!

Judy said...

That interview with Katie Couric was a joke. You could tell by watching Katie's face that she was totally taken aback at the stupid way Palin was answering her questions. She is a joke in my book.

robin andrea said...

I absolutely agree with you. The media is once again failing us. They need to hammer away at her ineptness and complete unpreparedness for the office. Enough.

Margie's Musings said...

I think she is a total disaster and her religious views scare me to death.

Deborah Godin said...

I agree about Couric, I don't recall ever seeing such a display of barely-controled disbelief on an interviewer's face before! And Palin's ramble was way worse than Miss South Carolina's...maybe not quite as incoherent, but still worse because Palin's not running for Miss Teen USA!
And nice banner photo of Spirit Island. too!

libhom said...

Qualified or not, I find Palin's fundamentalist, far right politics quite disturbing.

Rain said...

You said it well. It's scary that one person can put someone in line to be president. The American people need to look at this long and hard. Vice presidents do become presidents.

bobbie said...

"quite disturbing"? libhom! It is terrifying!