Wednesday, September 24, 2008

America In Crisis - What Can We Do?

Bobbi, of Almost There, posted a piece about how we all must continue to work together to push for the things this country needs – and right now there is a long list of those. But sinking into despair over the place our country finds itself today is not the answer. I’m guilty of that as I feel many of you are. We do need to, however, recognize the problems and do all we can to help solve them, in whatever way, large or small, with a big mouth like mine or in the gentle but persistent reminders of others. We have too much to lose by just sitting back and whining and to not stand up and fight back. We do have a voice, but we have to make certain that it is heard and for many of us, our blog is our voice. USE IT!

Here is an excerpt from today’s NYT Op-Ed piece by Thomas Friedman in the form of a letter from George Bush to the leaders of Iraq. Now wouldn’t it be great if Bush actually was this aware of all the aspects of our current situation? If he is I haven't seen much evidence so far.

“It’s hard for me to express to you how deep the economic crisis in America is today. We are discussing a $1 trillion bailout for our troubled banking system. This is a financial 9/11. As Americans lose their homes and sink into debt, they no longer understand why we are spending $1 billion a day to make Iraqis feel more secure in their homes.

For the past two years, there has been a debate in this country over whether to set a deadline for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. It seemed as if the resolution of that debate depended on who won the coming election. That is no longer the case. A deadline is coming. American taxpayers who would not let their money be used to subsidize their own companies — Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch — will not have their tax dollars used to subsidize your endless dithering over which Iraqi community dominates Kirkuk”.

Maureen Dowd also has a great satirical piece, Park Avenue Diplomacy, about Palin’s meeting with Henry Kissinger that is well worth the read.

So, again, let me encourage each of you -- urge each of you, to take a stand, use your resources, know all the facts, make your voice heard!


June Saville said...

Well done Sylvia - keep fighting! You have guts, as they say in Oz.
This is a huge issue and you can be sure that people down under are watching the USA with baited breath. We're behind you mate.
June in Oz

TropiGal said...

Hi Sylvia -- I'm not sure what you want us to do -- send emails to our reps?

Sylvia K said...

Tropigal, that's a start. You write very well, use your blog. Send emails, letters whatever to all you reps. We have to let people in DC know what we're thinking and the more they get the less they're able to ignore us. I don't have all the answers, but I can't just sit back and wait for the ceiling to fall in.

robin andrea said...

I emailed my senators. I called my representative. I even emailed Chuck Schumer today. I am asking them not to bail out Wall Street. There has got to be a better way. I heard a political economist on the NewsHour last night. He said we could offer the money as a loan with interest. No dividends, no sky-high salaries until the loan is repaid. I thought it was an excellent idea. Why should the very people who cooked up these insane financial schemes be rewarded with so much of our hard-earned tax dollars? It is an outrage.