Friday, September 19, 2008

A Happy Bee! And a Mystery Trip!

Happy Friday!

I'm headed out early this morning on a trip to the Black Diamond Coal Mine Museum which is supposed to be
very interesting, but never having heard of it before, I can't guarantee it. But it's a free day-trip sponsored by the senior center where I take my Tai Chi classes. So I couldn't pass it up. The thing people talk about the most is the Black Diamond Bakery and Restaurant where we will be having lunch. It's supposed to be awesome and I'm hoping to bring home a
treat or two for my son -- and me.
So, I'm looking forward to the trip, I'm taking my camera -- excuse me, my son's camera, and I hope to bring back some interesting pictures and perhaps a story or two as well.

So, see if you can find my bee friend, chowing down on the daisies, have a great Friday and a great weekend! See! I managed to write the entire blog without once referring to politics! And this has to be one of the few times I've done that since I began writing this blog nearly three months ago. Don't count on the political break lasting much past today, however, I'm sure there will be plenty to get me riled up before Monday.
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bobbie said...

I found the bee, and the flowers are beautiful.
Have yourself a wonderful day at the mines, and let us hear all about it later.

robin andrea said...

What a beautiful photograph. It's good to take a break from politics every now and then. Hope the day trip is wonderful.

Dogwalkmusings said...

"See! I managed to write the entire blog without once referring to politics!"

Ha! You just did mention politics! Lol!

Dianne said...

I found him! hope the museum was fun

TropiGal said...

I see the bee. And I really like the photos that follow this one.