Friday, September 26, 2008

Dahlias in Canby, Oregon

And another weekend is here, time to pause and take a deep breath, and enjoy, although that's not as necessary as it was years ago when I was still working and the weekends were sometimes divided between enjoying some down time as well as in preparation for another week.

Politics are the big thing tonight and probably through the weekend, but I don't want to talk politics tonight -- I'll do that tomorrow. Right now I just want to look at some lovely pictures, beautiful clouds and flowers. Listen to some beautiful music -- Gustav Mahler tonight, one of my favorites. A good friend of mine once said, if God could speak, he'd sound like Mahler. I think he was right.

It is beautiful here in Seattle with clear skies and the promise of lots of sun and warm temps for the weekend, probably the last kiss of summer. I had dinner out on the deck and watched the clouds gather over Puget Sound -- not storm clouds, just big, puffy marshmallow clouds. The sun was warm on my face and it was easy to push all the ugliness of this campaign to a remote corner of the yard -- the one the dogs use as a bathroom -- seemed appropriate all things considered.

To all of you out there in blogland, I wish you a beautiful, refreshing and peaceful weekend -- a time to renew our energy and our enthusiasm -- for what is life without those? Stick your frazzled nerves, the anger, the frustrations and fears into a closet somewhere and smell the roses, that other stuff will find us again soon enough so take a trip here through the fields of flowers.

I wish you pleasant dreams.

Lots of flowers.

Lots of sunshine.

Lots of laughter.
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pticester said...

What beautiful flowers! My Mom used to have dahlias in her yard.

Breaks from the things that bother us are a necessity to survive. I still had to watch the debate tonight even though I try not to watch much political programming.

June Saville said...

I really appreciate the way you maintain a balance in your life Sylvia. It's hard, but you seem to be good at it!
June in Oz

Amber Star said...

Your flowers are so beautiful...even if they don't live where you do or if they do. Thanks for the soothing music. It is about time for me to go to sleep now.

Sorry about your email account. That happened to me once and they even sent one to me! I got the IP number and finally got it sorted out with yahoo.

Glad to have found you today, and no, I don't think there is a cure for blog maddness. :)

bobbie said...

Thank you for the flowers. We do need a breather every so often. I hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend.

Deborah Godin said...

Wonderful antidote to those with a debate "hangover" this morning. I have that one by Maler, haven't played it in a while, thanks for the reminder!

Dianne said...

I never knew what dahlias looked like before blog world :)

your photos are lovely and so are your words.

have a wonderful weekend

TropiGal said...

Beautifully written, Sylvia. I love the roadside wildflowers here in S. Fla. too when they bloom in the spring. How lucky you are to have flowers in the fall, too.