Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's an Interesting Turnaround

The TV ad has started turning up more and more frequently and I have to admit I was pretty curious. Today in the NYT there was an Op-Ed piece by Timothy Egan that laid it out pretty well. The ad is done by T. Boone Pickens, a Texas oil man and long time Republican, Bush supporter and the money bags behind the Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry. But it's what he's saying now that is giving John McCain and the Republicans palpatations. Most of the attacks on Obama by McCain can easily be seen as the desperate efforts of a man who just doesn't seem to be able to stop digging his own political grave a little deeper every day.

I have to admit that I hate politics and, for the most part, the politicians that play the game, but what's the alternative? I certainly am not wise enough to come up with an answer, but it's sad to see this country so torn, so divided. There's so much anger and desperation -- more than I have seen in many years and I feel it, just as so many other Americans do. And how much worse is it going to get over the next few months?

Whatever happens in regards to Pickens, he has the advantage and that could be good news for Obama and for the country. But it could also mean an even nastier campaign. The big question is will the solutions proposed by Pickens do what we need in regards to cutting our dependency on oil? Is Pickens, now in his 80s, really making a turnaround? Lots of questions, not a lot of answers -- as yet.


Judy said...

Hi Sylvia, I hate to see the country divided, also, and I hope Pickens has a solution to the oil problems. I get so tired of political ads. They are running them here all the time and the election is not until November. Have a great weekend.

Rain said...

Seeing the Pickens ads (and who can miss them on MSNBC the other night in two hours of news, they were repeated 4 times) has also made me wonder what is behind it? Is he really trying to make things right in this country or is it something else? These days I trust very few.