Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning Everyday

On July 7 I posted a piece about lace curtains and the view. I had wanted to include the photo with the post, but I hadn't figured out how to do that at the time. When I did figure it out I deleted the old post and put the two together for the new one. So, I apologize for the redundancy. Suddenly, I'm finding a need for all my reference books, dictionaries, quotations etc. etc. Discovering blogging has suddenly eliminated all the dull routines and brought a whole new excitement into my daily trot along life's highway. I love the comments, the encouragement and the pleasure of realizing you've managed to reach out and touch someone you don't know and never would have in the past. I do look back at the past, but I don't live there, I hope I have and will continue to learn from it, I cherish my memories, but mostly I'm excited about today, the NOW! I don't want to waste one moment, I want to savor them all, move them around, look at them in different lights!

After learning not only of my cousin's illness but then last night, the news about my good friends from high school, I spent a couple of hours trying to come to terms with what is always a sad and hurtful situation. The dark of night is not always the best time to be doing that, but I did have a little help from a clear sky and an enormous full moon and once again, as has been the case in the past, I began to see not only the value, but the necessity of looking for the good in everything. It may be only a tiny crumb, but there's always something good that can be found if you look hard enough. Both my cousin and my two friends are surrounded by loving family, children and grandchildren, they are able to have proper health care and they have comfortable homes where I know they will want to stay as long as possible. So, I hold them in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.

In the meantime I owe it to my children and, yes, to myself, to take the best care of myself that I can, that I find joy in each and every day, that I look for the beautiful and the things that take my breath away, that I find things to laugh about, to rejoice in a beautiful sunrise or sunset and to fill each day with excitement and learning and celebrating.

And, yes, life is wonderful!

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