Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blue Skies -- Happy Thoughts

It's been a busy day with places to go and things to do and it started out as usual -- gray! But the day slipped by one cloud at a time --- then suddenly a ray of sunshine! and then another poked through the window over my desk. When I looked up blinking and covering my eyes in the unaccustomed glare, I could see blue! BLUE! BLUE SKIES! The droopy weariness disappeared and I found myself giggling. What a great way to end the day! with sunshine and blue skies. Even the dogs were racing around the yard chasing absolutely nothing, but having fun. I couldn't help wondering if the weather affects them as well.

I was suddenly feeling a bit frisky myself, I'd been to my acupuncturist and the junky knees were happy, I'd passed the weight and blood pressure and cholesterol level tests for another two months and I was ready to celebrate. I hurried home and promptly put away a large and delicious lunch, now back to the low cal stuff tomorrow.

Earlier this morning I had had reason to look back at certain beautiful moments in my life, the kind of moments that make you smile and laugh through the tears, wishing those moments could have lasted longer, but thankful you had them at all and I realized -- again, how very fortunate and blessed I have been all my life. Oh, there have been hurts, disappointments -- all that gray cloudy stuff that everyone has at sometime in their life, but then there are the blue sky moments and they are the ones that ride the sunbeams into your life and chase all the gray away.

Now does that sound just like Polly Goodie Shoes talking? Probably, but she's better than that black witch that hides out in my closet from time to time and comes out to rain on my parade. We do have the capability to see our lives as we choose to see them. We don't have to listen to the black witch in the closet although granted, sometimes it's harder to shut her up than others.

I do try to make the most of each day, discover something new, try something different so that I don't just settle into the cloudy rut in the road. It's one of the reasons I enjoy volunteering in a Jump Start program for pre-schoolers. I love to watch their faces as I read to them. The excitement in their eyes, their giggles and laughter. It's fun to see which books they choose for me to read and remembering how potty training was not a particularly fun process with my own children, I couldn't help but wonder why one of their favorite books last year was "I Love My Potty"! I finally hid it so they'd have to find a different one!

There are always things we can do to bring the sunshine -- they're just harder to find some days. Today wasn't one of those.


Linda Hillin said...

In my opinion this is the best post you've written. It's very nice. Shows your writing skills. I looked earlier and saw you hadn't changed your post and wondered if all was well, and now I see that it is, very well.

Judy said...

I love this post, too, Sylvia. What a great job you did. Guess I am one of those people that try to look at the glass as half full and there are many blue sky moments to appreciate. The hurts are there but I don't think about them much any more. You are a great writer and I am so glad I found you because I enjoy reading your blog very much.

Rain said...

My husband asked me this morning if something changed astrologically yesterday as he felt like a weight is lifted. I hadn't looked; so don't know but those things do impact certain signs more than others. It's good that the world looks brighter for you but also that you have that knowledge gray comes and goes. We can't have blue skies all the time. I think it's one thing astrology does for a person (a deeper understanding of which I don't personally have) is the knowing there are unseen reasons something is weighing heavily and it won't last.