Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Good Day

It started out gray and gloomy, but I had things to do and I couldn't use the weather as an excuse for hiding under or behind -- something, anything. I had an appointment with the acupuncturist that I have been seeing for the past year and he has made such a difference in the quality of my life I do my best to never miss an appointment. I hadn't been in three weeks as he had become a new, first time Dad to a beautiful baby girl and took time off to be with her and her mother. Then I had my camping trip and by today the knees and back were hollering and threatening dire things. So, I got myself moving and made it to my appointment on time. One of the things he had recommended was a stationary bike as a good way to exercise without putting undue pressure on the knees, but gyms are expensive and buying a bike was too. Ah, but when something is meant to be, voila! As I was coming home from my appointment I passed by one of the local Goodwill stores and standing out in front of the store was a stationary bike! I pulled in and checked it out. It was selling for thirteen dollars and while I was looking at it a very nice gentleman came over and looked it over for me and assured me it was in good shape. He held on to it while I went into the store to pay for it and he then loaded it into my car. Ah, nothing like good karma -- bike or whatever! So now I have no excuse for not exercising at home in addition to my Tai Chi classes.

I feel I owe it to my son as well as to myself to maintain my health and I do eat properly, watch my weight and my only vice is a glass of red wine while I'm playing solitaire and listening to that beautiful music I talked about last night. And it's not as dull as it sounds because I'm happy, I'm at peace and the only thing I get riled up about is politics and Republicans -- yeah, I know with the election approaching, but still months away how do you remain cool, calm and collected??? Well, I don't know, I'm working on that one.

And to top the day off, the sun came out, burned away the clouds and gloom and poured it's warmth over our deck and inviting me to come and read and soak up some rays. And I did.

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