Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A new day

It's a gorgeous day with the sun, that has been so elusive for the past nine months, pouring it's light and warmth over Seattle. The spirits are lighter, laughter comes easier and I feel such a sense of joy. I have found as I get older and older -- think I'll stop there, that while I still have good days, fun days, better than average days, the ones where the spirits soar are less frequent. The days of soaring spirits and a sense of total joy have almost been lost and to me that's one of the hardest realities to deal with. But on a day like today I do feel that total joy, the laughter that just bubbles up from inside and makes everything beautiful. Maybe because I don't feel that way as much or as often as I did when I was younger has, in a way, made them all the more precious and treasured.

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