Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's Two-Story Outhouse

A friend sent me a cartoon today, one that I’m sure some of you have seen, with a picture of a two-story outhouse – the second floor is designated for Politicians and the first floor for Voters. Hey, sounds about right to me these days! But I want to believe that Obama – you know, “that one” -- is one of us first floor users who is hoping to tear the whole thing down and build a one level house with an indoor bathroom.

What is it about “equality” that McCain and his bunch find so hard to deal with? I do feel that if (hopefully) McCain does lose he will realize that he is as much responsible as anyone for failing to live up to his own – or what use to be his own, personal standard of honor. He was defeated twice by George Bush because of the same kind of no-conscience campaigning and yet here he is running the same kind of campaign with help from one of the people that put him down – twice, Lee Atwater. Atwater, creative monster who helped Bush One defeat Michael Dukakis and McCain himself, with rumors that he had fathered an out-of-wedlock, black baby. And now McCain himself is using almost the exact same rhetoric against Obama. That Obama is one of those liberals who will raise your taxes, take away your guns, won’t protect the country, is a Harvard “elitist” and has a funny sounding name and is on the side of “The Black Man”! Mmmm sounds familiar to me. Surely, at some point McCain has to view his own tactics these days with disgust.

But instead he’s going right along with the same outrageous hype and has released Palin to do the same, only more. And while I do think that at one time John McCain had at least some sense of decency and morals, I can’t say I think the same about Palin who looks to be able to out Cheney, Cheney. Both she and McCain are doing everything in their power to vilify Obama, to picture him as “dangerous”, “dishonorable” and “too risky for America”. I ask you, considering the shape our country finds itself in today, are you really willing to give Republicans another chance? Are you really willing to continue having to use the bottom floor of the outhouse?


Rain said...

That's about how I see it too. What an amazing time that someone like McCain who at one time had honor or we thought he had, would stoop to this level and actually incite violence by what he's saying or encouraging by innuendo. Very depressing but at the same time how encouraging to hear Obama speaking about his ideas, his farsighted approach. I just hope November the people give us the leader our country and the world needs. who we elect impacts not just us.

Patty said...

i am in agreement

patsy said...

with a two story out house someone is getting dodo on them.

June Saville said...

Hi Sylvia
Enjoy our chats. The bike ride was great this time. I must do something on two wheels for 70 Plus and Still Kicking ... It's my sister's bike so far but I enjoyed it so much I think I'll look through the secondhand advertisements ...
Two storey outhouse sounds as though it could be the architecture of the future. Are you hanging in?

JingL said...

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