Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oregon Coast

Just one more view of a part of our magnificent country!
It's one of my favorite places.

How can we afford to elect people who only want to use
this country for their own benefit, people who don't care
about protecting it, preserving it for all those who will come
after us? Is their kind of legacy what we want to leave for
our children and grandchildren? Look at the beautiful
places in your own part of the country, then look at where we
are headed with more of the same in Washington. I keep
pushing this because I am passionate about our country
and its future. I hope you see what I see, hope for what I
hope for and believe we can make a difference, together.
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June Saville said...

Dearest Sylvia
I'm looking at 'My Goal' on your sidebar - on first read I agree utterly. But I think again
about 'learning to be happy without the things we cannot or should not have'.
I suppose I'd put in there ... 'but only after I have had a darn good go at achieving them first'.
June in Oz

Sylvia K said...

And to June -- I've added that line, only a wee bit stronger! And thank you, as always!

Dianne said...

I think like this often. I literally ache for nature and the planet.

And I get so frustrated with the people around me - lazy, arrogant, wasteful.

I make myself laugh by picturing Mother Nature showing up to kick their ass.

Linda said...

Your "Oregon Coast" post is so true. There's never a day I'm not thankful to have experienced life in Oregon, never a day I don't wake up in awe of the beauty that surrounds us.

I watched Douglas Brinkley discussing a new book he has coming out on Teddy Roosevelt. He was the first president that believed in environmental preservation.

I'm pleased half the state of Oregon is owned by the federal government in protected lands,
that our beaches are 100% public land, not one inch of the beaches is owned privately.

There's much more to be done however.

Joseph Hunkins said...

Hurray for Oregon!

FYI we've got a new Oregon Coast blog at

If you want to write a guest post about a favorite place, hotel, etc please let me know.


TropiGal said...

I love reading your passionate posts, Sylvia. I had the pleasure of driving the wild Oregon coast in 2004. What an unexpected adventure. I know Oregon is not a place for me, but I dearly love my own little corner of the world.

I often wish we could just live in sustainable communities. Not work so hard and be so focused on goals and getting someplace. I saw a documentary about Thai culture once. The people were more interested in ways that they can preserve Thai dance, music, carving, etc. Oh, I know it cannot be that way in big cities such as Bangkok, but it certainly makes more sense to honor people for their creativity than our abilities to make money.

Thank you for a great post.